mugshots-6yearsI don’t condone cupcaking.

Do you know this term, “cupcaking”? I actually had to look it up in Urban Dictionary the first time I heard it. Because I’m cool like that.

I don’t condone cupcaking. But perhaps I get a free pass for our anniversary.

12 years together, and still. This guy. <3

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  1. S.I… Long time no “see.” I was reading through some of my VERY old blog posts and saw some of your comments (from way back in the day, 2003) and thought to myself, I wonder whatever happened to my very first reader/commenter… And look at you now. All grown up, married and a mom. Congratulations, and bless you. I think I just bookmarked your site and will once again become a friend. I’ve been a very bad blogger these past few years… I’m very good at FB and Instagram as it’s quicker and more convenient, but every once in a while I pop back in and post something. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!!

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