si-deskYo. I’m S.I.–desperate housewife and makeshift mom of three. Writer, dreamer, Ultimate Master Multi-Tasker. Powered by coffee.

When I first started this blog back in 2003, I knew I wanted it to have a vibe like two friends chatting over coffee. So I used one of my favorite quotes, from the movie Reality Bites: “You see, Lainey, this is all we need…a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks.”

Blogs usually fall into some kind of category, like lifestyle or fashion or home or DIY or foodie. My blog is none of these things. I’m actually the antithesis of these things, to my chargin. My clothes and my home are more often than not covered in slobber and renegade Cheerios, I don’t “do” cooking, I’m hopelessly uncrafty.

I just like to write about things my friends and I talk about. Commiserate with my readers on how messed up and amazing parenthood can be. Share confessions of my OCD tendencies or wax poetic on dream hustling. On occasion chime in on current events. It’ll always be a little tongue-in-cheek around here because that’s just my personality. I’m also kind of contrary and a little bit crazy. Stick around and you’ll see.

In keeping with the theme of YM5, I hope you will join the conversation either here on this blog or over on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook. You can also email me here.