Do you know this term, “cupcaking”? I actually had to look it up in Urban Dictionary. Because I’m cool like that.

happy accident


Street performers are always fun, but violins aren’t really my thang. But this chick? Was amazing.

retrain your brain


“‘By now’ is a phrase we say to ourselves when we’re trying to believe the lie that it’s too late to start pursing our dream.”

days of our lives


I can’t spend my days lamenting the fact that I rarely get time for me, waiting for “someday” to come while wasting today.

the crazy ones


Trying to get as close as possible to this man who changed the world because of his crazy intense passion.

everyday courage


No matter how hard I try to let go of my dreams, my dreams won’t let go of me. So I dust myself off and try again.

ahhh moments


I held Chloe’s face in my hands and inhaled deeply. That little moment of pause calmed me in the middle of a chaotic day.

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